Ozpost is simple to use. You select the methods you wish to allow and enter your handling fees (if required). The input data provided by your webstore will enable our servers to provide suitable and accurate quotes for your customers. Features:

  • Over 200 different shipping methods at your disposal.
  • Each Carrier and method has its own handling fees.
  • Estimated shipping days (where available) takes weekends and holidays into consideration.
  • Restricts unacceptable methods for dangerous goods (*Zen-Cart, Opencart & WooCommerce only)
  • Reliable servers with redundancy ensures up to the minute quotes at all times.
  • Supports discounted rates for prepaid Satchels.
  • Handles Australian Taxes (GST)
  • Free help & support

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Australia Post Domestic Australia Post International
  • Letters
    Aust Standard
    Aust Standard Insured
    Aust Priority
    Aust Priority Insured
    Aust Registered
    Aust Registered Insured
    Aust Express
    Aust Express +Sig
    Aust Insured Express +Sig
    Aust Insured (no sig)

    500g Satchel.
    3Kg Satchel.
    5Kg Satchel.
    500g Satchel +Signature
    3Kg Satchel +Signature
    5Kg Satchel +Signature
    500g Insured Satchel (inc Sign)
    3Kg Insured Satchel (inc Sign)
    5Kg Insured Satchel (inc Sign)
    500g Insured Satchel (no sig)
    3Kg Insured Satchel(no sig)
    5Kg Insured Satchel (no sig)
    500g Express Satchel.
    3Kg Express Satchel.
    5Kg Express Satchel.
    500gm Express +Signature
    3kg Express +Signature
    5kg Express +Signature
    500g Express Insured (inc Sign)
    3Kg Express Insured (inc Sign)
    5Kg Express Insured (inc Sign)
    500g Express Insured (no sig)
    3Kg Express Insured (no sig)
    5Kg Express Insured (no sig)

    Regular +Signature
    Regular Insured (inc sig)
    Regular Insured (no sig)
    Express +Signature
    Insured Express (inc Sign)
    Insured Express (no sig)
    Cash on Delivery

    Click n Send Satchels
    500gm Satchel
    3Kg Satchel
    5Kg Satchel
    500gm Satchel +Signature
    3Kg Satchel +Signature
    5Kg Satchel +Signature
    Small box 1kg
    Medium box 3kg

Overseas Economy
Overseas Economy Insured
Overseas Economy Prepaid
Overseas Economy Prepaid Insured
Overseas Registered (prepaid only)
Overseas Express (inc sig)
Overseas Express Insured (inc sig)
Overseas Express Prepaid (inc sig)
Overseas Express Prepaid Insured (inc sig)
Overseas Courier
Overseas Courier Insured

Standard Air500g Satchel
Standard Air 500g Satchel +sig
Standard Air 500g Satchel Insured
Standard Air 500g Satchel Insured +sig
Standard Air 1kg Satchel
Standard Air 1kg Satchel +sig
Standard Air 1kg Satchel Insured
Standard Air 1kg Satchel Insured +sig
Standard Air 2kg Satchel
Standard Air 2kg Satchel +sig
Standard Air 2kg Satchel Insured
Standard Air 2kg Satchel Insured +sig
Express Air 500g Satchel
Express Air 500g Satchel Insured
Express Air 1kg Satchel
Express Air 1kg Satchel Insured
Express Air 2kg Satchel
Express Air 2kg Satchel Insured
Overseas Courier Prepaid Satchel
Overseas Courier Prepaid Satchel Insured
Courier Air 500g Satchel
Courier Air 500g Satchel Insured
Courier Air 1kg Satchel
Courier Air 1kg Satchel Insured

Standard Air5kg Box
Standar Aird 5kg Box +sig
Standard Air 5kg Box Insured
Standard Air 5kg Box Insured +sig
Express Air 5kg Box
Express Air 5kg Box Insured

Economy Air
Economy Air +sig
Economy Air Insured
Economy Air Insured +sig
Standard Air
Standard Air +sig
Standard Air Insured
Standard Air Insured +sig
Express Air (inc sig)
Express Air Insured (inc sig)
Courier Air
Insured Sea

TNT Australia TransDirect
Road Express
ONFC Satchels
Overnight First Class
Technology Express – Sensitive Express
Overnight Express by 9:00am
Overnight Express by 10:00am
Overnight Express by Midday

* All with or without insurance

Allied Express
Couriers Please
Toll Priority Overnight
Toll Priority Same Day
TNT Road
TNT Overnight Express by 5pm
TNT Overnight Express by 9am
TNT Overnight Express by 10am
TNT Overnight Express by 12pm

* All with or without insurance

SmartSend Others
AAE 1kg Prepaid Satchel
AAE 1kg Prepaid Satchel
AAE 5kg Prepaid Satchel
AAE : Express Premium
AAE : Road
AAE : Express Saver
Couriers Please Road
Fastway : National Road
Fastway : Local
TNT : Overnight by 12pm
TNT : Overnight by 5pm
TNT : Overnight by 9am
TNT : Road

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