How many people use the service?

(Ok, not a FAQ, but interesting statistics – perhaps)
A. In the 2 year period Jan 2008 – Dec 2009 there were an average of 135 Australian zencart merchants per month using zencart/ozpost.
Considering the alternate options, such as zone rates, table rates, fixed and zero priced shipping, and taking into account ease of installation and configuration, along with the number of downloads,  I suspect the total number of active zencart merchants in Australia at any given time would be no more than 150 or so. Yes, that is one hundred and fifty!! (and you thought you were just one of 1000’s didn’t you?  Well, I did, and that was true 4 years ago to), and believe it or not, zencart is probably the most popular Ecommerce software being used in Australia today (Jun 2011)

This means if I am lucky I will ‘earn’ a maximum of  $1500.00 per month ($375p/w) …  In reality, recent figures indicate that only ~10% of merchants are transitioning from the free to the paid service, so expected income is down to ~$200p/m ($50p/w) ……      (This is actually more than I’d expected, but less than I’d hoped).   I am declaring this in the hopes that those merchants that are currently undecided will realise that I’m not getting rich, and your support really will go a long way into continuing the service and code development long into the future.  There may be easy/other alternatives at the moment, but the zencart team don’t care about the unique needs of any given country, and with so few of us here, few developers will have anything more than a passing interest other than patching things up to keep things going.  Surely your store is worth more than taking this risk, isn’t it?

June 2011. At any one time I average ~50 paid subscribers per month ($5500p/a). This is with ALL supported ecommerce stores combined. I spend an absolute minimum of 10hrs per week with support and code improvements.  Assuming no overheads, this gives me a maximum pay rate of $105p/w for my 10+hrs labour (a little over $10ph). Minimum wage is currently over $15p/h.  Clearly not exactly profitable, but then again, it was never intended that this would one day become my prime/only source of income.

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