What delivery time options does Ozpost make available?

The ozpost module has several options for this.

1) Estimated Delivery Format

  • None
  • Date
  • Days

2) Mail Days

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

This is useful if you only post your items out on a specific day (or days).

The estimated delivery dates/days will take the non mailing days into account.

3) Lead time (days).
Add this number of days before estimating delivery times. Useful if you don’t carry stock in hand and need ‘x’ days to source before estimating delivery times/dates.

IOW, if it takes you 3 days to get an order ready, enter a ‘3’ in this input box and the delivery dates will be calculated from 3 days into the future (also taking weekends, holidays and non mailing days into account.

4) Deadline (hour)
Deadline for same day mailings

This one provides a cutoff time for when overnight deliveries are possible.

Although the ‘easy’ solution is to select ‘none’ for the delivery date format (which means the days/dates aren’t shown at all), this can come at the expense of lost sales and/or an increase in pre-order questions asking how long the order will take. It is probably better to use the ‘lead time’, but this is only practical if the lead time is the same for all or most of your products.

If the product that takes time to prepare are in the minority you would be better off making note of this fact in the product description advising the customers that the delivery date will be ‘x’ days longer than the shipping estimate.

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