What makes you so sure the server isn’t down. Isn’t that being a bit presumptuous?

Yes and no. Although it is quite possible this website may be inaccessible at times (no server is infallible, and there may be network or other issues outside of our control), we can be pretty confident that the quotation server is fully functional. This is because we do not rely on a single server. At the time of writing this we currently maintain three different servers on three different networks (one of them hosted on an Australian based  ‘cloud’ server).  The likelihood of all these servers on all networks being inaccessible at the exact same time is so remote that it is hard to imagine. If your store is unable to connect to any of them, the problem is far more likely to be at your end of things rather than ours and the inabilty to connect to our servers is the least of your problems.  A DNS issue is the most likely cause.  Such issues, if they occur, generally resolve themselves within minutes.

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