Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an easy means for as many eCommerce systems as possible to get real-time quotes from as many carriers as possible.

Why?  Compared to other countries, Australia is a very small player in the eCommerce Market, and over the years, after using many shopping carts, we found that the way shipping quotes worked for Australian merchants pretty much ‘sucked’ no matter what system we tried.

Furthermore, as we migrated from one cart system to another, and from one carrier to another, the reasons why our options were so limited started to become quite clear. Every cart has its own unique requirements for the data it needs, and all the different carriers supply their prices in their own unique ways.

It is impractical for the various carriers to offer quotes in a format suitable for all carts, just as it isn’t practical for the developers of all the carts to create modules to support all the carriers and/or methods that Australian merchants need (or require), especially when our numbers are so small.

Our solution:
To provide a small network of servers to become a processing hub that will deliver quotes from many couriers to  the various eCommerce systems typically used by Australian merchants.

The benefits: Merchants
This benefits merchants because it provides a variety of different quotes with just a single module. Carriers and shipping methods are easily enabled or disabled to suit the merchants needs.  It will minimise both under and over quoting. It provides their customers an easy cost comparison for any given parcel.

The benefits: Courier companies
The courier companies benefit because it promotes their services in a variety of different stores and eCommerce systems without having to pay their own developers to create such modules.

Neither of these benefits are possible without a centralised server that can take the vastly different formats used by the various courier companies, and the wide range of requirements needed by the various eCommerce systems.

Can you help?
This is a huge undertaking that has already been over 6 years in development, and is almost limitless in scope. If any developers have an interest in helping with this project by creating modules for eCommerce systems that are currently unsupported, please contact us for help and/or advice.
We will be more than happy to supply you with our API requirements and will pay a percentage of any subscriptions fees that we receive from customers using the module(s) that you create. (terms and conditions apply).

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